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You might remember my scrapbooking goal for 2011 was to complete 100 layouts. I have 10 days left, and I just finished layout number 83 last night. I think I can do it, because this time of the year when I am on holidays from work is when I traditionally seem to get more scrapbooking done. I am sure going to try and will keep you posted!

Layout 83 is one of Josh. A traditional page I try and do at least once a year documenting what he's into at the moment. This goes into an album with his birthday page for each year, so when he is 18 or 21 (or older!) he can look back upon his childhood years. Next year I am also starting a school album for both Josh and Sam where I will put kinder through to high school including pages about school years and events and probably their school photos too. He already enjoys looking back on previous years pages and I love having these stages documented for years to come.

Sm Josh faves at 9 Dec 2011

I have used all Stampin' Up! products on this layout, except the die which is an old Quickutz font 'Studio'. The DSP is Stampin' Up! Just Add Cake which is an awesome paper pack - lots of great patterns that suit both girls and boys.

I thought I would also show you a coupleof the previous pages in this series of layouts. Sometimes I ask questions, like in this layout I did when Josh was 6 and a half. At this age you always get some humorous answers (like 'How old is Mum?' and he said 14! or 'Are you good at keeping your room tidy and he said 'yes' - ummmmm are you sure there Josh?. It also includes gems like how he loves playing babies with sam and wants to be a firemen and likes finally being able to reach high things.

Sm 20 questions with Josh at 6.5 Oct 2008

Then there's this one which I did when he was three (and I was clearly at the peak of my 'use every type of embellishment on every page' phase, lol). I used little tags with titles like 'people', 'food' 'tv shows' 'things' to document his favourites at this age.

Sm Josh favourite things at 3

The other thing I have got into this year is digital scrapbooking! I have so much to learn, but I am enjoying experimenting with layered templates and shadowing and photo masks and all these new words in my vocabulary. I don't think digital will ever replace traditional scrapbooking for me, but I love how mess free and quick and easy it is, so I will definitely be continuing to do it. Here is a very simple page I did this week using a Vinnie Pearce photo mask and a photo of Sam and I at the beach in winter2008.

Sm Sam and I Rye Beach October 08

Once this years layouts are completed I plan to launch into 2012. I will be joining my good friends Sue and Nikki on the Project Life bandwagon, and I also will be doing a Stacey Julian  class Twelve thanks to Sue's encouragement! I also will do my own thing with a new One Little Word Ali Edwards style, and see myself doing lots more digital pages too. I especially want to do lots of digital pages using photo collages where I can get lots of photos and stories down. I can't wait! My lovely husband also came home yesterday with some quotes for a new canon 60D Digital SLR camera, which took me by surprise! I had been whingeing about how my old DSLR is playing up and I guess he knows how much I love my photos! I haven't actually got it yet, but am crossing my fingers for his next overtime pay which is coming up!

Also thought I would share some of my fave scrapbooking blogs. I think everyone knows I love Ali Edwards and Cathy Zieleske by now, so here's a few more I often browse to get inspiration and ideas:

Kelly Goree - just LOVE the way she puts her pages together, plus she scrapbooks boys!

Laura Vegas  - makes awesome cards and scrapbook pages

Rachel Tucker - another talented NZ scrapbooker (there's also Nic Howard and Trina McClune)

Evalicious - for awesome mini books

Susan Longman - for her amazing embellishing

I could go on and on, but there's just a taste of some sites to check out if you love to scrapbook or plan to get started. I don't think there is a more gratifying hobby than recording life's stories for your family.

Hope to be back later in the week with more layouts. Hope you are managing to stay calm in the lead up to Christmas,

Claire xx


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What a lovely collection of memories Claire, l adore your "In my arms" page.
Have a lovely Christmas. xxx

Love those layouts - seeing the series just really emphasises what a wonderful way they are to freeze that little moment in time. Love the digital layout too, and keeping fingers crossed for you for that 60D. On my wish list too - yum! Here's to lots more scrapbooking.

You'll love doing Project Life. I am loving my album from this year and can't wait to get it all finished and start on next years album. Did you get a kit? If so, which one?

hi Claire, lve been reading your blog for nearly 12 months now and am always going to leave a comment, but then l keep blog hopping and it never seems to get done, but tonight after reading your post, and finding out you are starting PROJECT LIFE l just wanted to tell you that l was also starting it for the first time next year, mine has not yet arrived, but craft house have emailed to say that they are getting there, l dont know anyone else that is doing it and when you had mentioned it on your blog, l just had to write to you,l also follow the wonderful Ali Edwards and love Cathys stuff too, l did A week in a life with Ali this year and absolutely loved it but havent got around to doing December Daily, thats a plan for next year, OLW also sounds interesting and l hope to do this one day as well, l joined stampin up in april this year and that has kept me on my toes and l have plans to make it bigger and better next year, anyway l just wanted to say hi and hope your project life goes well, l do have a blog for my cards and scrap pages if you were interested in looking its, and sorry lve never left a comment on your blog, l dont know why because l love all your work, have a great chrissy, hope you get that camera you were after.......kate

I love all your layouts Claire, especially the "In My Arms" page. I am green with envy that you have achieved so many in one year! I am not a scrapper and have a page to put together for a challenge that I am struggling with BIG TIME. Thanks so much for the links to other scrappers. I plan to visit them over the next few days for inspiration, along with your site, of course!!

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