Springtime Florals ....
Offering free stamps for a good cause ....

Just some bits and pieces ....

It's been a while since I've posted what's been happening in my garden, so I took some photos today of my bulbs that are starting to spring into flower in pots on my patio.

Sm bulbs aug 29 2011 

Sm tulips aug 2011 

and Josh's choice on our last trip to Bunnings, a couple of strawberry plants ....

Sm josh strawberry aug 2011 

Crafting time has been a little lean here the last few weeks. The start of August turned out to be a bit chaotic here with my husband having unplanned surgery on the first. He is fine now, but he has been home recovering for 3 + weeks, and then the kids both got sick so it  was a little crazy here for a few weeks. There were some fun times in there too though! I've been enjoying catching up with my nephew and sister who were each over from Perth on separate weekends. It's rare I get to have lunch with my family!

On the weekend I took the boys to their first Gold Coast game at the MCG. Josh decided at the start of the year he wanted to choose Gold Coast as his footy team (and my Collingwood obsessed hubby took it quite well really!), and I promised him we would take him  to a game. It turned out to be the weekend of a big school reunion / function at Paul's old school Assumption, so it was up to me to take the boys to the MCG!  We made it though and it was a glorious sunny day and actually very relaxing plus I loved watching them have such a fun day. It was a bonus that this was one of the few days spectators are allowed onto the hallowed turf of the MCG.

Boys on MCG Aug 28 2011 

Hope you are all having a happy week with some fun family time too,

Claire xx


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Claire, your plants look so beautiful and your boys very happy! Go you for sharing your retired stamps with others. You're a Gem.

Hello sweet Claire! Oh how i love your flowers!!!! SOooo pretty!
I too have a few bulbs to show.... must make time to blog again now I'm home! SO hard when been out of it for awhile!
Thanks sooo much for sharing such beauty!
Hope your weekend is a wonderful one in the Spring Sunshine!
Smiles and Hugs SHarnee :)

So beautiful - tulips are my absolute favourite flower.

Strawberries planted here in Camden now after your insiration.....although not so sure how many I'll see, long way from the back of our acre to the kitchen....hhmmmm

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