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I hope you don't mind me interrupting my normal programming, to tell you about an awesome thing happening in 9 days. My father-in-law Bill, is on the support crew for this awesome event:



Andy Bowen and his team, will be playing the Nullabor Golf Links course on foot, which is distance of 1400km in 16 days, an average of 85km a day with no days off. The goal is to raise $50,000 for two very important charities:

Autism Spectrum Australia  and

Splash of Red (Sudden Infant and Child Death)

Having driven across the Nullarbor (the name means no trees) 6 times myself, I am quite in awe of what Andy and the team are embarking upon.

You can read all about the challenge and the team (view my father-in-law Bill Daly's profile on the team page), and click on a link to donate to these very worthy causes at the 33 Marathons Website . Even if you could just spare a couple of dollars your donation would be very appreciated!

You can track the incredible journey and keep up to date with their progress by liking their Facebook page, which will also help spread the word. That would be very appreciated!




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