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Eye surgery done and I've even scrapbooked about it ......

I'm feeling very very grateful today. All your lovely comments and words of support helped me stay calm and positive ahead of my eye surgery which was last Friday. Thank you!

I was only feeling a teeny bit nervous and had some lovely ladies in the recliners in the presurgery room with me (should have taken some recruit packages or mini catalogues!). We chatted and laughed and before I knew it it was my turn. I didn't feel sedated at all, so was awake the whole time (including for the local anaesthetic needles which were a bit yuk!). It went really well and he was able to do what was planned, removing the cataract and implanting a new artificial lens (I think called an intraocular implant?). I had a relatively new type of lens apparently, which is designed to improve my astigmatysm in that eye as well as replace the lens which had degenerated. Then I was all patched up and Paul took me home again about an hour later.

Saturday I was back seesing the Opthalmologist and the patch was removed and WOWZERS - I could see SO much. I had gone from only being able to see two varying shades of very opaque haze with no detail at all to seeing people and things and colours and reading the top 3 levels of the letter chart. He said that level of improvement was just the beginning and it would continue to improve as the eye swelling went down and the  muscles retrained themselves after the astigmatysm.  I could have kissed him! Allready it's improved lots more and I can see really quite well.

I was really overwhelmed emotionally that first day, and even now still to some degree. I don't think I had really let myself completely feel how scary it was to be losing my sight (especially with gorgeous fanily and children, my own business and a love of stamping and gardening) and once it was done I started to feel that. There have been some tears and I can tell you I am one very very grateful lady. Grateful to you all for your love and support , grateful we live in a country with such skilled eye surgeons and access to these amazing surgical techniques and grateful to my family for their help and support in the logistics. The surgeon gave me a DVD of my procedure which I have watched with amazement twice, and will again. The boys said it spooked them, but I find it amazing. It is very clear too why I had lost pretty much all sight in that eye when you see how bad the cataract was. Nothing could penetrate that, it was like looking through candle wax.  The surgeon said it's one of the worst he has had for a while, and the anaesthetist was amazed at how young I was. Go figure.

Now to prove how amazing I can see I even scrapped about it allready! I wanted to record this experience (and how completely sexy I looked in my eye patch!) and if you look really closely you will see I even managed to get those teeny little pearls pretty much in the middle of the flowers on the rubons - do you beleive that?  This was done Saturday afternoon, a little over 24 hours after the surgery. Amazing amazing amazing, I tell you.

Sm Through My Eyes Cataract Surgery 

Looking back (excuse the pun), I can see I should have gone to the GP about my failing sight much earlier. I thought I just needed glasses I guess. So there's a lesson there for all of us to get our sight properly checked out at the first sign of noticing changes. Never take your sight for granted as it's very scary when it starts to fail you.

Thankyou again (did I say thankyou, lol) for your love and support and emails and calls (and those yummy pumpkin scones Kathryn :) ) , I was definitely feeling the love which helped me a lot.

Onwards and upwards and back to creating,

Claire xx

Tawit Tawoo ... time to bring my Stampin' Up! Owl Punch out if hiding plus some "eek" news from me!

Last week I had to make the really bad confession to a fellow stamper that my Stampin' Up! Owl Punch was yet to make an owl. Shock horror! Last night our niece had a 10th birthday party so I used him to make a bright and girly card and matching gift box, which I filled with some chocolates and a gift card.

Brits owl gift 

That owl scrubs up pretty well with the Stampin' Up! Sweet and Sour DSP doesn't it? The bling was especially popular with my niece (second to the pressie of course!).

Owl box close up 

So onto the 'eek' news. Those who attended Convention may have seen I was down to do a Workshop Wow, but pulled out because the sight in my right eye has been rapidly deteriorating and glare has been particulary bad. I felt like a bit of a woos, but then when I saw the eye specialist on Wednesday he told me the sight was completely gone in that eye and I had a really bad cataract (most likely genetic at my age as my Dad had one too at this age) which had to come out asap.

Now I know thousands of Australians have this relatively minor procedure every year, but I'm still having a bit of an 'eek' moment. Thought I was a bit young for them to start whipping out body parts and replacing them with plastic bits (apparently so did my level of hospital cover, but that's another sad story and probably a whole other "eek'. Short story is feel free to buy stamps this week!) Then there's the people who are telling me that after Cataract surgery you can apparently see dust and wrinkles better - ummmmm and that's good news? Seriously though everyone has been showing me the love which has been so nice.

Our sight is such a gift though and I am lucky we can manage it and my wonderful husband has been so amazing and supportive (after me recovering from the aghhhh moment of finding out my hospital cover excluded cataract surgery :() We are so lucky still to live in a country with such great specialists and access to them. I have complete faith in my great doctor  and I am looking forward to improved sight again after the procedure Friday. Apparently I will be sporting a gorgeous eye patch for a day or two and have never had an anaesthetic (including sedation) where I haven't chucked up afterwards (sorry if TMI) so I don't think there will be a whole heap of stamping happening here over the next week or two.

Have a great week and I'll pop in and let you know how I am getting on. Might even get a chance to pop in during the week.

Claire xx



Clearly Autumn - new tutorial package and bundle using Stampin' Up! Clearly for You and Autumn Spice DSP

I'm pleased to be able to offer my first tutorial package and product bundle for this year, "Clearly Autumn" using some of the fabulous new products in the Autumn Winter Mini Catalogue. As usual, I am offering a product bundle with free instructions for 6 versatile  'For You' cards, or you can just buy the tutorial instructions if you prefer (you can also check out all my other available tutorial packages at discounted prices here).

Here's some pictures of the cards in this months tutorial:

Clearly Autumn newsletter ad 

The Bundle (only available until June 30th)

This can only be purchased if you live in Australia. It includes the main products (cardstock, ink, paper and stamps). It doesn't include the ribbon and other embellishments which can be added on if you choose (or substituted from your stash).

You get:

  • Your choice of wood or clear mount Clearly For You stamp set - valued at $47.95 or $38.95
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  • Your choice of 2 matching cardstock packs (choose colours below) - valued at $27.90
  • Your choice of 2 matching ink pads (choose colours below) - valued at $23.90
  • Postage valued at $6.14
  • Step by step tutorials for 6 multi layer embellished cards valued at $16.00

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Purchase Price $110.00 wood, or $101.00 clear-mount which is a saving of $34.84 (free tutorials, free postage and discount on product bundle)

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For details of my other available tutorials, including Christmas card sets and cupcake boxes, click here and you will be taken to my tutorial page.

Have a great weekend. Hopefully I may get a little stamping done and be back eeary next week with some new samples. Until then stay happy,

Claire xx