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Merry Christmas to You ...

Just checkin' in .....

Just popping out from under the packing boxes to let you know I'm still here! We are settled into the new house sort of, still have quite a few boxes of non-essentials to unpack (and of course my craft supplies AREN'T in that category are they!). I have got most of the boxes of my craft stuff unpacked although just waiting on another bookcase before I can fully unpack. Haven't had much of a chance to create anything, but I will be soon because I am really missing creating and sharing.

We have managed amongst the craziness of unpacking to get the Christmas lights up outside (I managed to acquire 2 more reindeer - Paul tells me we will need to hire a farm hand soon, lol). Ours are only little in comparison to some, but it's amazing the joy it brings to our children and many others. I love hearing the kids outside checking out the lights.

The boys have settled in a bit now, and have been delighted to see there are heaps of kids in the street who love to congregate after school and ride bikes and scooters in the court. It's a super friendly street - people have been so welcoming.

Back soon with creations, but just wanted to let you all know I was missing you all :)

Claire xx


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Glad to hear you're settling in! I hope you can remedy the 'craft withdrawal' soon.


Hi Claire! Good to see you've started the settling in process!! xo

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