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Merry Christmas to You ...

Just popping in to wish my fabulous readers a very Merry Christmas, and to say thank you for following my blog during the year. I have really enjoyed bringing you some creative inspiration during the year and I look forward to doing more of the same in 2011. The holiday period is often when I get the most time to create. With the exception of a week at the beach house in mid January, we will be enjoying the holidays around home so lots of crafting is on order! I placed an order of goodies from the Summer Mini today, so together with the products we were given on the Incentive Trip and the Saleabration preorder sets, I have so much to inspire you with (plus a great new special for January which I can reveal soon).

Feeling MUCH more settled into the new house now. Thanks for hanging in there with me. It takes a while to really get the feel of a place don't you think? I still have some sorting to do, but the vast majority of things are in their place and able to be found at relatively short notice which is always good!

We've had a busy few weeks since we moved in. Sam finished up kinder (I was the teary one of course!) with a fabulous concert and graduation ceremony so be sure to watch for the scrapbook page on that one! Josh finished Grade 2 and held a little Christmas party for some school friends complete with cute Santa cupcake toppers (which time poor Mum bought off Sweet Tashy on Etsy - cute aren't they?).

Cupcakes for blog 
We all wrote our Christmas cards (Mum didn't manage as many as she had hoped for this year, so if you didn't get one please don't feel neglected!). Sam even had a go at writing some of his by copying writing so he is gearing up for prep next year. He has met his new teacher and is pleased to know a couple of kids in his class.

Sam writing 3 

I finally bought a new Christmas tree because my old one (over 15 years old) had seen better days. I think I underestimated how big a 7 foot tree was, because by the time the boys nicked some ornaments for their little tree in the family room, there were lots of gaps! I bought some cute new ornaments, and added some photo ones and some handmade ones from me and the boys. Our tree is always a mix of sentimental ornaments and handmade ones which I love.

Josh deco tree 

Christmas tree blog 

Decorations blog

I added some more Reindeer and window lights to our Christmas light display and Paul managed to get our lights up (plus buy more!) within a couple of weeks of moving in which was a monumental effort. The boys love them and it's lovely to see the cars and hear the kids outside the house. They are very hard to photograph the whole house, but here are a couple of snippets ot the reindeer and the window lights. That massive santa sits outside my window and has scared the living daylights out of me on more than one occasion when I have walked into our bedroom at night!

Reindeer blog 

Window Lights blog 

and here is a teeny lovely part of the Christmas lights at Paul's brothers house - they have way more than us and it's like Santa's cave there! I love seeing their lights each year.

Anth and Felic Xmas Lights blog e 2010 
And finally, here's a little taste of what I have been enjoying each night with my cuppa.

Mum cake card
No, not the cardboard, but what came with this note from Mum in Perth, her homemade Christmas cake. Where-ever I am each year Mum manages to send me a home made Christmas cake which is delicious and really adds to that Christmas feeling for me. Thanks Mum!

On that note, again I wanted to thank you for your friendship and support and for visiting my little place in cyberspace. I love blogging and sharing my creations with you all. I wish you a wonderful festive season shared with the people you love. Travel safely if you are in the air or on the roads, and may the new year bring you good health, happiness and the simple pleasures in life (but i'll be back before then to post I think!).

Love Claire xx


Just checkin' in .....

Just popping out from under the packing boxes to let you know I'm still here! We are settled into the new house sort of, still have quite a few boxes of non-essentials to unpack (and of course my craft supplies AREN'T in that category are they!). I have got most of the boxes of my craft stuff unpacked although just waiting on another bookcase before I can fully unpack. Haven't had much of a chance to create anything, but I will be soon because I am really missing creating and sharing.

We have managed amongst the craziness of unpacking to get the Christmas lights up outside (I managed to acquire 2 more reindeer - Paul tells me we will need to hire a farm hand soon, lol). Ours are only little in comparison to some, but it's amazing the joy it brings to our children and many others. I love hearing the kids outside checking out the lights.

The boys have settled in a bit now, and have been delighted to see there are heaps of kids in the street who love to congregate after school and ride bikes and scooters in the court. It's a super friendly street - people have been so welcoming.

Back soon with creations, but just wanted to let you all know I was missing you all :)

Claire xx