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Stampin' Up! Australian Incentive Trip to Hamilton Island - Day 2

Stampin' Up! Australian Incentive Trip to Hamilton Island - Day 1

Home again from the Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip to beautiful Hamilton Island. It's taken me until now to get some time to sit down and blog. I took Miriam who is one of my downlines as my guest and we had a lovely time relaxing, socialising, being spoilt and catching up with all the wonderful demonstrators and their guests. There's something very special about this group. I always feel nurtured and inspired when I spend time with them and the fabulous staff who accompany us on these trips. We have Shelli and Stirling of course, Dave and Jennifer Baugh from the US, Emma (NZ Business Manager) and her partner Shaun, and Aaron (Aust Business Manager) and his wife Karen. We have been looked after by Angie and KellySue from the US. Our hospitality room this year was the Presidential Suite of the hotel, which is very luxurious and has lovely view, not to mention LOTS and LOTS of yummy lollies! They even bought cute little lolly bags for us to take back to our room.

Don't even know where to start with what we have been up to, but I guess if I start at the beginning and work forwards in a few posts I will get there!

Wednesday we checked in about lunchtime. We were on the 18th floor of the hotel  the views are amazing! Here's what I saw as the view from my balcony each day:

Sm view from balcony 

If you can see that little Marquee at the end of the beach, that's where we had our welcome dinner on Wednesday night which was lovely. As usual we had gorgeous floral decorations and food. Our name tags were starfish with little tags which were cute! The Marquee had open sides and we even had a possum scurry under our table which made for a few laughs when Kim Gavarra ended up on her chair screaming!

Sm welcome dinner flowers 

Sm starfish 

Here's some pics of the Hospitality Room with our spinning wheel and daily product prizes (and the new Mini!!)  and our huge supply of lollies! Despite Alisa's tiny size, she has a big sweet tooth and was fearless in her emptying of the jar of the little red fishies!

Sm Alisa Lollies 

Here's a shot of the Hospitality lounge. It's hard to see the balcony but it wrapped around the bottom floor of the suite and had outdoor table and lounges and it's own little pool!

Sm hospitality room

On the way out to our welcome dinner, we came across a huge event in the foyer of the hotel from a company UCB (I know they make Iced Coffee, lol). I happened to be standing next to one of the company people as this truck with singers and dancers went past our hotel lobby (very skimpily dressed dancers like at Mardi Gras, lol), followed by Fireworks on the beach! Anyway we had seen Guy Sebastian on the plane up and it turned out he was playing at a party for this company later that night and the CEO guy invited us to watch from the foyer. When about 8-10 of us got there and he could see we were loving it, he told us to join the party so we got to go right up the front onto the dance floor and listen to the whole gig, which was awesome! Here's Miriam and I playing groupie:

Sm guy sebastian 

I've never religiously followed idol, but I do love a few of his songs. He was such a great entertainer though and really worked the crowd so well. He even sat at the piano and sang us the song he wrote for his wife on their wedding night. The last song was my fave 'I like it like that'. He was so good on that guitar. We had an awesome night!

When we got back to our room our pillow gift was waiting for us - a dry bag and underwater film and snacks and drinks for our adventure (and trust me it turned out to be an adventure) to the Great Barrier Reef. That post will be next!



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Wow Claire, looks like you had an excellent time! Bonus party too!

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