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What to say, what to say .....

Had no idea what to title this post with but felt the need to say SOMETHING!

The last 3 days have been a total whirlwind with the Stampin' Up! Convention which has left me feeling so appreciated in the blogging world. Those people that came up to me and introduced themselves and talked about Josh and also how much you loved (and missed) my blog and seeing my creations, was so appreciated and special. Thankyou!

I do still miss blogging and I will definitely be starting some posts again soon. I just miss creating and sharing and participating in some challenges. I am feeling inspired and motivated and have a thousand ideas running around in my head, but need to unpack and spend some time with the boys and come down to earth!

I was incredibly proud to have my achievements recognised at Convention last night.To be awarded the Number 1 Australian Demonstrator of the Year just blew my mind. It was very exciting to see friends and people I have got to know so well (and some lovely new faces) being awarded as well. Sometimes the clapping and wooping is as much fun as the walking because you know how much we all love what we do.

The Art with Heart girls had a fabulous night with Sue Madex named number 15 in Demonstrator of the Year and Miriam Thomas to win the Rising Star award for best new demonstrator. We also had lots of girls recognised for sales and recruiting. I also was named number 2 for recruiting and number 1 in the Leadership category, thank to my fab team. I was given beautiful Burberry bag and also a Burberry necklace - both just stunning and something I would never buy myself. I feel like I have a little bit of Shelli in my wardrobe now!

Something very special to many of us that have been on the receiving end of her unconditional love and support, is to have been there to watch Jayne Mercer receive the Heart of Stampin' Up! award. So richly deserved by a truly wonderful person. 

I learnt some great new stuff and received some beautiful swaps at Comvention. I'll be back at some stage soon to give you more news and photos - but just wanted to say how proud and thrilled I was :) I've been contacted by so many people today, and it meant so much to me to hear / read your lovely messages. Thankyou so much :) Thanks also to Shelli, Aaron, Emma and all the fab staff in Australia and the US for an amazing and inspiring few days.

Claire xx


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Congratulations Claire.......you have obviously worked hard and are loved by your gynormous team....you creations are beautiful and I too miss seeing them....looking forward to you blogging some more. I am sure all your 'boys' are proud of you as well - the best part of all of it I'm sure!!

Congrads Claire

Congrats Claire!!!

So glad you had a hoot of a time over the weekend!


Hi Claire, many congratulations on your fantastic achievement. I didn't get a chance to introduce myself to you this Convention but wanted to as I love following your blog. Hope you can sit back and enjoy your success and am so glad for you. Cheers.

congratulations claire. You maust have worked so incredibly hard to have achieved such wonderful results. Enjoy your success and your "little piece of Shelli".

Congrats Claire on all your acheivements, what an awesome time you must have had. Enjoy sharing your amazing achievements with your precious family. I wasn't there but Mege's, Shell and Sock Monkey flew our flag so hope to meet you there next year.

Hi Claire

Just read on Sue Madex's blog the wonderful new - no. 1!!!! That is great! Congratulations! I would love if you have time to blog and I do very much enjoy checking out your creations!
Take care Michelle S

Hi Claire, super congrats to you on this outstanding achievement. It couldnt have gone to a more deserving person...now that's what I call karma!
love Kate

Once again, congratulations on an awesome effort and result Claire. Congratulations also to your team of wonderful ladies, they really are special.

Congratulations Claire on your number 1 Demonstrator of the year! I can't really imagine what that feels like but I bet it is something to remember! Just want to say how much I love your scrapbookng and stamping ideas, you deserve your award v. much.
Your photo is on my blog with Linda and Vanessa.Enjoy!

Congratulations, Claire. You deserve it! ;) xx Amanda

Congratulations Claire, well done

Well done you!!You can tell me all about it next week.

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