Making Merry Monday #13
Day 2 from Sunny Noosa on the Australian Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip ....

Hello from Sunny Noosa on the Australian Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip ...

Hi everyone! Logging in from Noosa to post some pics as promised! We had a fabulous day yesterday - so fabulous to see all these friendly faces again - lots of hugging and chatting and catching up yesterday! I had a very early start to the airport, but once we were on that plane it was all very relaxing. We were greeted by a beaming Angie from the US when we arrived at Maroochydore, and then a lovely 30 minute drive along the coast (in the bus with the psychedelic interior!) to the Sheraton. WOW! We were greeted by waiters holding welcome drinks carved out of coconut. Nice touch to start the proceedings. Shelli and Sterling greeted us in the lobby and then we were showed up to our room which is great - very large and spacious with double beds each and a balcony overlooking the pool. We are literally steps from Hastings St as well. Here's the view from our balcony:

Sm pool

The little hut in the middle of the pool is a swim up bar. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours lazing by the pool with a cocktail and chatting with some of the girls. Limechee crush cocktail which was very tangy and delicious!

We also got to spin the wheel and I bagged a free pack of Ski Slope paper. The wheel always turns into a big exciting squealing riot. It was very funny and Janelle and Angie (our orgainisers from Stampin Up in the US) are so much fun.

Last night we had the welcome dinner which was lovely. In fact the food is amazing! So delicious. We sat on a table with Dave Baugh and his wife Jeanette. It was so great to see Dave on his first Incentive Trip and his is Jeanette's first trip to Australia.Here's Shelli and Sterling at the dinner:

Sm Shelli and Sterling 

and Marelle and Kim from the noisy table:

Sm Marelle and Kim 

and Linda and Georgina:

Sm Georgina and Linda

and of course the yummy food. I just had to photograph the sweets - how gorgeous do they look? The chocolate wafer even looked stamped!

Sm Sweets 

Sm Dessert 

and the meal was a delicious buffet of all sorts of yummy salads, vegetables and meat. Mmm are you seeing a pattern? I talk about the food a lot don't I!

Sm Dinner day 1 

There were lots of tired faces at the end of the day, so Sue and I headed back to our room and had room service hot chocolate and read our books. So relaxing. When we got in, there was a little surprise waiting for me - my outfit for the cooking competition down the Noosa river today (you might want to put your coffee down to look at this pic):

Me chef 

Nigella eat your heart out!

Above all that though was the best part of the day, just to hang out with everyone. I just love the opportunity to share this excitement and in a smaller intimate group we really get that chance to talk and get to know people. I feel like I really know people so much better this year and there was a whole lot of hugging and laughing going on let me tell you! Probably my most treasured  moment of yesterday though was this handwritten note from Shelli on my bed when I got back to the room. I know I rave on a lot about Shelli, but she is just such a warm beautiful person and I will treasure this card from her and her lovely words.

Sm Shelli note 

Off to have a shower and some breakky for the day ahead! Have a happy day,

Claire xx

(Disclaimer: less than 1% of Stampin' Up! Demonstrators make the Incentive Trip each year)


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Oh Claire!

That outfit is something else! I'm just not sure what that something is!!!!! Sounds as though you are having a ball. Must go now and mop up the coffee that spilt when I saw that pic!!!!!! LOLL (laughing out louds lots)

Thanks for the sneak peeks Claire, and great to see my Nonna in there:)

You look so cute in your apron, can't wait to hear what you get up to in it. And how gorgeous was that dessert spread. Mmmmmmm, love the 'stamped' chocolate.

Have fun Claire, can't wait to see what you guys get up to next.

I miss you already, and reading this post makes me feel like you're just round the corner. Oh, I LOVE your cooking outfit photo!! Great shots of your first day; hanging out for more. Hope you have a WONDERFUL time!

More, more!! Sounds great so far, and I LOVE the apron and chefs hat!

Thanks ever so much for the warning about putting down the coffee cup! You just saved my computer from a splatter! My first thought was exactly what you wrote "Nigella eat your heart out!" It is SOOO lovely to read that you are having a wonderful time! Such a well-deserved reward for such a beautiful person! Enjoy- and I can't wait for the next update!

You look stunning in your new outfit .... please tell me that isn't the new SU apron I will be wearing at CraftExpo! lol Keeps the pictures coming.

Thanks for sharing your trip with us - it's fun being along for the ride.

Can't wait to hear what you cook in your new outfit!

What a great outfit Claire! So glad that you are having a great time. It is well deserved. I look forward to hearing more of your exploits.


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