Day 3 from Noosa on the Australian Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip ...
My Incentive Trip swap using Eastern Influence ...

Day 4 and 5 on the Noosa Australian Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip ...

Day 4 (Saturday) was a free day, so there were groups of people going all sorts of places - some went to Fraser Island, some to Australia Zoo, some to jet skiing, some dolphin feeding, some just relaxing and walking and shopping like me! Life moves at a fast pace when I'm home, so I relish the opportunity to wake when I wake and wander where I want to.

Sue and I had a lovely relaxing breakfast at a cafe and then I spent some time shopping and walking to have a look around. Here's some shots of the beach.

Beach 1 

I also spent lots of time in the hospitality room, chatting with Janiel and Ang and whoever else popped in. This room is where Stampin' Up! set up and there are comfy couches with big cushions for us to sit and chat. Janiel and Ang are there with the spinning wheel and each day we get to spin the wheel and win a product prize. Today they had a bumper prize, and I got some Fresh Cut notecards, Build a Brad and Corduroy Buttons. We are sooooooo spoiled! Here's some pics of Janiel and the gorgeous flowers and lolly jars in this room.


Janiel and me 


Flowers rec room 

Saturday night was our farewell dinner which has become the traditional 'surprise night'. All we knew was that we were to meet in the foyer for a time travel adventure. Everyone was trying so hard to guess and Janieltold us later she was in hysterics listening to us all try and guess on the bus. Some had thought silent movies, others had thought a castle. We travelled by Coach to Cooroy and then we saw all these gorgeous vintage cars lined up!


We travelled in groups of 4 (I was with Linda and Georgina and Sue) and chatted to the driver. Our car was a vintage Mercedes owned by the driver.


We were driven to 'The Plantation' which is a vintage styled homestead specialising in events and weddings. It was beautiful as we drove in, with a convoy of vintage cars and candles in paper bags.


We spent some time looking around the homestead which was beautifully lit with lights and candles. We also got to see the bridal suite and Janiel had even organised an astronomy club to be set up to show us images of the moon.


Marelle and sharlene 



We then sat down in a beautiful courtyard setting to have a three course dinner. The tables looked so pretty with candles and the most amazing floral centerpiece. There was also a Pashima for each of the Incentive Trip achievers.


Centre flowers 

Urn flowers 

It was then back to our hotel by coach, where there was a gorgeous bag waiting for us, along with milk and cookies! We had a few drinks (me water!) in Marelle and Dave's room (entertained by Harry and his card tricks) and then had a much needed sleep before saying our goodbyes and heading to the airport for the flight home. It was lovely to see my husband and boys again and I feel rested, relaxed and very pampered.

My top 10 things I enjoyed from the rip would have to be:

  • Hanging out and bonding, talking, laughing. I feel so bonded with this fabulous group of girls now.
  • Having the relaxed and informaltime to get to know Shelli, Sterling, Dave Baugh, .Aaron and Emma and their partners a little better. Especially great to see Dave and Jennifer on their first Incentive Trip. Hope to see you back again!
  • The hospitality room for the reasons above! Janiel and Ang go to so much trouble for us and it was fab to spend some time in this room with them. The flowers, lollies, gifts were a lovely touch!
  • Ricky's and the cooking activity. Fabulous fun, amazing food, amazing view. Loved it.
  • The floral arrangements everywhere which took my breath away.
  • Hanging out with Sue who was a fabulous guest!
  • The lazy breakfast, lunch and dinners. Noosa has some fabulous food venues and I enjoyed sampling them!
  • The vintage cars and beautiful setting for our farewell dinner
  • The make and takes, stamping next to Shelli and that fab icecream!
  • Karaoke. SOOOO much fun.

Thankyou Stampin' Up! for a fabulous trip and some wonderful memories I will cherish forever.

Back to normal programming now and some cards and mailing out / deliveries REAL SOON! Thanks for coming along for the ride the last few days,

Claire xx


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once again some fabulous photos to capture your time... you know there is (or at least was, when I was living up there) a castle in the area, so that suggestion wasn't so crazy!

Jeanne Couch

Hi Claire, thanks so much for your day by day walk thru the incentive trip... its almost like being there with you (well almost!) Ah... one day!! Have to say I love your style and come to your blog for inspiration on a regular basis. Wish you lived in NSW!!


Hi Claire,

I'm so glad that you had a wonderful trip. You describe it so well it is almost like we are there with you, it sounded like a fabulous time.


Christine Blain

Wow, you sure were pampered - what a special trip. Thanks for taking us along, in pictures, and great descriptions; I've loved reading your updates!


What a wonderful time you had! And so well deserved too! Thanks for the 'postcards' while you were away.

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