Ricky's Restaurant ...
Day 4 and 5 on the Noosa Australian Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip ...

Day 3 from Noosa on the Australian Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip ...

Today was all about the stamping, as it was make and take and swapping morning. Now a girl has to build her strength for such an activity, so I started the day with room service breakfast on the balcony (yes  - it's still all about the food for me).

Balcony Brekky 

The tables for make and take were set up outside on the patio beside the ballroom, which was lovely. Unfortunately I can't show you any of the make and takes, but they were lovely and used some new products coming out later in the year! Last night we received a hat box full of goodies to use on make and takes and today we got to play with them.

One of the highlights for me is the demonstrator card swap. Lots of great inspiration to show you when I get back. It's fun to see the different ways everyone uses the products.


During the make and takes I had the pleasure of sitting next to Shelli and it was great to have her sit and stamp with us (pass the snail please Shelli!).

Sm shelli and I IT 09

We also all lined up for another big group photo like last year.

Sm group shot 

At the end of the make and takes, the chefs wheeled in this amazing trolley of ice cream with all sorts of amazing bits to add on. It was very yummy, and yes there are more photos of the food.

Sm ice cream 

This afternoon was very spent having a lazy lunch (which for a change I didn't photograph!) and then I wandered along Hastings St and had a look at the shops and stopped for a long chat with Linda, and then another long chat back in the hospitality lounge where we get to do our daily wheel spin. This trip has been so much about the catching up for me, and I really feel so bonded with many of these girls. We have spent many hours just talking and sharing and everyone is so friendly and open and appreciative of the opportunity to be here. I am getting to meet some new faces as well, and really have had many opportunities to just sit and talk with Shelli and Aaron and Emma and Dave from the US. I really enjoy that part of it.

Tonight I had a quiet tea in a little Italian restaurant on Hastings St with Sue and Jacinta Ryan and her guest Danielle. I intend to jump into bed now and read my book and am having a big sleep in in the morning. Tomorrow is, a free day and there are people off on all sorts of adventures, but I have decided to just chill out and walk along the beach and Hastings St and maybe laze by the pool or chat some more. I intend to make the most of this opportunity to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend,

Claire xx


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Lynda S

Claire......u sound like you are having the time of ur life. Even poor ole Keesh is in amongst the action. The food lioks to die for..but being a type 1 diabetic....all the swrrts wld prob put me in Hosp!!! LOL!! I can't wait to read more of ur adventures.

Christine Blain

Glorious food, great company, nice weather and stamping - could life get any better?? Enjoy your day 'off' after all that frenetic activity. What will you be eating??


Loving your updates Claire...it all looks sooooo good! Noosa is so great isn't it...with an Uncle there we visited every year as kids and have such fond memories of it. Continue soaking up the great weather and have a safe trip home. xL

Caroline Colgan

WOW Claire - sounds like a fantastic well deserved hol! Thanks so much for sharing all the exciting news..have loved reading about it!

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