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It was sad to wake this morning to the news that Professor Chris O'Brien had passed away from brain cancer. What an inspirational person he was. I remember as a health professional watching him on RPA and thinking what great compassion he had for his patients and how he bought such comfort to them in the face of surgery for head and neck cancer at RPA. Then when he was diagnosed with the same cancer a few years ago it just seemed so cruel.

I followed his story via his media interviews and was so inspired by how he turned his own battle into an opportunity to still make a difference in peoples lives, by raising awareness and funds for a new holistic cancer centre. He really touched me and so many Australians.

You can read all about Professor O'Brien's cancer centre here. May he rest in peace and his legacy be of some comfort for his family in the years ahead.


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Alyssa B

I couldnt agree more! Professor O'Brien makes me proud to be Australian.

Jenny Hall

I agree that this man was very special and was here for a reason and a purpose,he was an inspiration to many and his legacy will live on,he has made a difference in a very mixed up world,Jenny Hall

Christine Blain

He truly was a special man, and I too felt really sad to learn of his death. So nice to read your tribute to Chris, Claire.

Michelle Costelloe

Hi Claire,
I was also saddened to hear of Prof O'Brien's passing, though being in the loop up here in Sydney I knew it was imminent and, failing a miracle, an inevitability.
Still saddened though. I was fortunate enough to work with him on a number of cases, and he truly was that lovely and compassionate even when the cameras weren't rolling.
A truly lovely man who has left an ongoing legacy - and a challenge to the medical world on how to care for our patients wholistically (body, mind and spirit).
Michey xxx

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