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Book of She Challenge ....

I'm excited. Very excited. I am coordinating a monthly challenge at Scraptacular during 2007 and it's a topic very dear to my heart, layouts about YOU.

Ever since I read the 'She' book by Kobi Yamada a few months ago, I have been inspired by the lovely quotes. They just MAKE you want to make positive changes in your life. You can check out the book and all the other cool stuff over at Compendium.

So ........ I chatted to Jodie over at Scraptacular and she was keen and supportive as always and has donated a $20 Scraptacular voucher for each month (thanks Jodie!). So each month on the first of the month, a quote from the book will be posted (January's is already up!) and you have to:

  • do an 8.5 x 11 or 12 x 12 layout with the quote written somewhere on it
  • include journaling (which doesn't have to be shared and can even be hidden)
  • use mostly products from the manufacturer of the month
  • upload it to the gallery in the 'Book of She' section by end of the month
  • sit back and wait to see if you win, but if you don't be content in the fact you have completed some great 'book of me' layouts

Scraptacular staff and DT members are able to join in, but can't win the prize, so you will get lots of inspiration. I will also upload my layout here and in the gallery early in the month.

January's product line is anything from KI Memories. The quote for January is:

She decided to start living the life she had imagined (Kobi Yamada)

Good luck and can't wait to see what you come up with! For more info, pop over to the Book of She page at Scraptacular! I'll be hassling my scrapping friends over the next couple of weeks to encourage them to enter!


Oh Christmas Tree .....

Just a couple of layouts to share. Did these at the Scraptacular marathon crop in December (in between the festivities!). I have taken pics of Cara's gorgeous Secret Santa pres as well and I will post those when I have downloaded. Just have it say it is very yummy though and now my stamps have a very special home.

This is the lovely Cara. She is such a warm generous and caring person. Thanks to Jules for the perfect red brad :)


and here are my lovely boys exploring the Christmas tree. Isn't Christmas so exciting when you have little ones around.


and here are a few more I did a while back but don't think I uploaded.



this one was a scraplift from a US mag


and this one is nowhere near as bright in real life ...


Happy days lovelies :)

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas ...

Loving Christmas now. Feeling much more organised and that always makes for a more festive feeling! I am really feeling for those in the immediate path of the bushfires though, how terrifying. It is really smoky here today so I can't imagine what it's like right close to the fires. I am praying for a miracle so no more homes get lost. It feels like the whole state is on fire.

Last night we went to Paul's brothers house and checked out their Christmas lights. The boys felt like they were in santas kingdom, there were so many lights and decorations, not to mention the great toys they have. It was a nice night. I just love christmas lights.




and here's a nice pic of Paul and his brother Anth


later dudes xx

Hello ......

I'm back. Missed blogging way too much. Caught up nearly. Nearly over with the parties and all, so time to blog again. Quick list of what you missed:

  1. Mum came to visit. Boys loved having her here and so did I. She's doing pretty good all things considered. We went to Warburton for the day and she made me a chrissy cake while I took photos and notes. Josh also talked her ear off. He loves her to bits.
  2. Boys got a new trampoline (think I may have told you that)
  3. Chrissy shopping all done, still need to post a couple. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute.
  4. Tired kids + busy shopping centres + intolerant Mum does not a happy day make.
  5. Cool party at Great Grampas yesterday for the Daly family get together. Boys ridiculously spoilt by Bill and Val (who should have saved the money to pay Grampas phone bill as we were all collectively on the phone to Riss for about 2 hours!!)
  6. Amazing chrissy lights in Lakeside Drive Lilydale.
  7. Scraptacular secret santa was great! Deb loved the drawers I made her and I got a very cool tray from Cara in my fave colours which is not storing my stamps beautifully.
  8. I'm about to become a Stampin Up demonstrator.
  9. I am still addicted to scrapbooking.
  10. I'm sort of on holidays, just a few work things to finish this week

Yeah only 7 more sleeps. I am so excited. I'm such a kid.

Just for Riss in NY, here's some pics from Grampas party yesterday ... firstly Bill and Val and the (other) lovebirds

Bill_val_17_dec_06_2_1_1 Megs_and_c_17_dec_06_11_1_2

thats Josh and Sam playing with Santa, Luke and Max the 2006 babies ....

Grampa_and_josh_6_1 Josh_and_sam_17_dec_06_7_1

Lisa_and_luke_17_dec_07_8_1 Max_10_1

As you can see Michael won the golf trophy again, even though he only popped in between the ceremony and reception of a wedding (no not his, LOL). Clearly has too much time on his hands to win 3 years out of 11. Loly grab was a huge success with the kids after Bill bashed the cr*p out of the crepe chrissy tree hanging on the line. Felic is looking amazing, Brit is growing so tall and that's Sam cracking up at the faces Mathew was pulling (Mathew is starting to be a mini Dave, LOL).

Lolly_grab_9_1 Felic_and_bri_17_dec_06_4_1

Bubs_3_1 Michael_12_1

xx Claire

Little blog break.....

Feeling the need to take a little break from blogging, spend a little less time at the 'puter and a little more time with my family and friends. Just going to hang out for a while, unclutter my life, cut back on things I 'should' do (like update my blog) in favour of what I feel like doing right at this moment. Guess you could call it holiday mode - works for me :)

Happy and safe christmas to you and your loved ones.

Claire xx

PS Will still be posting my layouts over on the gallery at Scraptacular , so hope to see you peeking over there :)