Days like this...

The missing 50 cents ...

Oh how I love the end of financial year. It's always been in my nature to do things at the very last minute (like stay up all night the day before my uni assignments were due in, when I had been given 2-3 months to do them!) - sadly this hasn't changed, so I have found myself sitting up to all hours this week, to do my BAS so I can get my girls their group certificates. Maths has always been one of my strong subjects, and if I didn't have to do this in the middle of the night I might actually enjoy it (OMG did I say that?), but sitting up at 1am searching for the missing 50 cents in my bank reconciliation totally sucks. I feel like grabbing $1 from my purse, shoving it in an envelope and posting it to the ATO with a note - 'HERE - HAVE IT - I JUST WANT TO SLEEP!!' Now onto more exciting stuff.

Spent all day Friday at Scraptacular doing a marathon crop (actually doing a few layouts and a marathon shop / giggle / eat) - it was fun! Jodie put's on such a great crop, and the girls are a real hoot .I got to drool over Robyn's winning A-Z album, all I have to say is you HAVE to see this in real life. It is awesome! The photography, the page design, the cover, the general flow of the album. It's so beautiful and I'm very very proud to know such a famous person, LOL.


Couldn't post about Scraptacular without following on the latest fad of including a picture of Sharon on my site. This chick is sooooo good for my self esteem - she is always so complimentary about my layouts and wanting to scraplift them (which is the whole point of me being on the DT there and displaying my pics in the shop!) - here's Shazza with her gorgeous version of my Foofala sisters layout.


I am working on an album from our holidays at the moment, with a portrait page of my family members in Perth, as well as various pages from the holiday. Josh is really enjoying me doing this as he is at the age now where he loves to look at photos and remembers things we did. He is really getting into the whole concept of scrapbooking which I love. Here's the pages I did on Friday:




I also did this friends layout on the weekend. I have been reflecting a lot about friendships lately, and I have some wonderful friends. I was thinking how lucky I was, but without sounding too precious, I think I give a lot of myself to my friendships, and that's also part of the reason too. Friends are precious and it's important to give as well as take and treat people like you want to be treated, like in any relationship (OK, I'll stop preaching now, LOL). This layout is about my two friends Sharyn and Chris from Perth. We have known each other since we started at boarding school together 26 years ago! We have shared so much together. I recall our chats about when we wanted to have children etc etc, and now look at us - we each have two beautiful children, and we always make a point of getting everyone together while I am in Perth and catching up. It's very cool.


The boys are good. Samuel now has eight teeth, and is toddling around everywhere (usually bringing me his sneakers as a big hint to go outside). Paul took a couple of days off this week to look after the boys while I did my end of year stuff, and treated Josh to a trip to the fire station. the guy was so friendly and let him sit in the passenger seat while he backed the truck out, as well as letting him sit in the drivers seat (while it was still!) - he was very excited. here's a few pics.




Finally to all you Australian scrapbookers who love to shop on ebay - do yourself a favour and head on over to The Scrapbook Establishment - it's my favourite ebay scrapbook store and I am just blown away by Annette's commitment to customer service. She has great products, great prices, but most of all she will bend over backwards to make sure you get what you want, when you want it. Her packaging is awesome too, so everything arrives just as it should. It's a cool ebay shop.

OK, boys will be awake soon, so better get to it! Have a happy day,




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