4 things..
Lazy Weekend

Look what I did....

Woohoo. been going to do this for ages and when I spotted the jars on special this week at Safeway (these ones were just $3.48) I snapped them up. Mind you this isn't still all my ribbons, but it's a very good start. Not very portable, but I can always tie em on later! I tend to be mostly a scrap at home girl anyway (although the Mavis's are sure testing me on that one!).


and if you were wondering why I went to the trouble, check out this picture of Samuel (yes there is a child behind there!)...


Night lovelies. I'm off to fall blissfully asleep dreaming about my new ribbon jars which so nicely compliment my chipboard letters arranged alphabetically in take-away containers (no I didn't eat 26 serves of take-away, Safeway sell them too...).

Josh seems a bit better tonight. Is hungry but feels yuk after he's eaten, but the nurofen has made a big difference to his aches and pains. Here's hoping for a good night.

Night again lovelies.


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Looks great Claire. I have similar jars from safeway (mine are the oval shaped ones).
Glad to hear that Josh seems to be a bit better.
Have a great day.
Cya Kim.

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