Lazy Weekend
The missing 50 cents ...


Josh wasn't the only one to go down like a ton of bricks, first me with an infection of my wisdom tooth and then Samuel with the mystery bug. Plus Josh's turned into an ear infection, so I have single handedly kept the pharmaceutical companies in business this week. I don't know how working mothers (I mean full time working mothers) cope with this - I managed OK til Tuesday lunchtime and then had to call Paul home so I could take pain relief and go to bed with my heat pack on my face. man it was sore. Finally improved today though, just in time for Samuel to get sick. Poor little man he has been so listless and just looked so sick. he finally started to perk up about 4.30 this avo though, so i think he's on the mend.

I supposedly have to go to dentist next week, but I so don't want the interruption / pain / hassle / expense of getting the tooth removed, that I think I will just deal with the symptoms for a while. Sometimes the logical solution isn't always the best one.

Yeah, Paul has the next 4 working days off! Supposedly so I can do my end of year book-keeping, but I have managed to sneak in a 14 hour scrapathon with the mad Mavis's at Scraptacular tomorrow. All packed and ready to go and aiming for 5 completed layouts at least - can't wait. Speaking of Scraptacular, did you all see that the wonderful Robyn (one of the staff there) was one of the For Keeps A-Z album winners! Yeah, way to go Robyn. I would have left congrats on your blog but they wanted me to register - geez I hardly get time to read the blog without registering as well! Can't wait to oooh and ahhh over the album tomorrow. Robyn's work in the shop is gorgeous, so I can only imagine a whole album of it!

I was a bit excited to see another of my layouts in print in this months For Keeps - a heritage page. This picture is one of the very few of me with my whole family (I'm the little tacker in Mums arms) so it's very precious to me.


Lately I have been working on an album of pictures for my brother, with quotes. For those who don't know, my brother had a car accident just after my wedding in 1997 and suffered permanent spinal damage. He has no use of his legs and partial use of his arms, but he's sharp as a tack with his mind and communication! I wanted to scrap some of his photos for him, and some of my scrapbooking friends have volunteered to help. We are just doing simple pages with nice uplifting quotes. Here's one I did last night:


This one was done by the lovely Jen Hone, and is a picture of Roly with his family on his wedding day. I love what she's done with this - it's gorgeous. That's me on the far left in the black and beige, next to my Dad.


LOL, just realised that pic was sepia, so everyone is wearing black and beige!!

This one was done by Jenni Hunter. I loved this quote on a recent layout Jenni did, and it perfectly suited this picture of Roly and his daughter Cassandra, not long after his accident.


Thanks so much for helping out girls! If anyone else would like to do a page I would be very grateful! I supply the pic and the quote, and it's just a matter of putting it all together with your oen style - anything goes.

That's it from me, must get some beauty sleep so I am ready for that Mavis Madness tomorrow. Have a good Friday firends.



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hi claire

i emailed you to say i would love to participate, but havent heard back from you. please let me know if you would still like me to contribute


Oh Claire, I had fully intended to complete this LO at the getaway and forgot to print the photo out. I will do it right now. Sorry

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