I'm a MAVIS - woohoo!!
I love my job!

Camellia Season

Now that you have all picked yourself up off the floor because I have posted three times in 2 days, let me show you the lovely Camellia outside my window. It only started to flower last week and there was one flower, today there is at least 10. I love Camellias - the gorgeous bright colours against the deep green glossy foliage. This one is an old sasanqua I think. I say it's nearly 4 metres high and has zillions of buds on it. The flowers when fully open are about 5 inches across. Nice view from my scrapping desk & computer!


Have both boys home today. I have cut down Josh's child care days to 2. He was happy to stay home Monday as all the fun stuff happens on his other 2 days. Now that I have cut down my work a bit I actually like having him home. Childcare is sooooooooo expensive, I can't wait til he's in kinder next year!  It's currently 'quiet time' where he has to watch a video or play quietly or read while Samuel is asleep (= not annoy Mummy so she can blog!). Have to laugh - of all the cool DVDs he has now got, all he wants to watch is the free demo CD that came with his colouring set at Christmas!

We're having Tortellini Boscaiolo for dinner - sounds REALLY decadent but is really really easy. My sister in law Andrea made it for us last week and it was yum. My other fave recipe for pasta is a small jar of 'Sacla Italia' rocket pesto mixed through pasta with stir-fried prawns and fresh rocket (cooked until the rocket has wilted) - yummmmm. That should lead into my story about my new lifestyle changes, but that's for tomorrow. Instead I will leave you with this layout of me and Samuel having fun at the park a few weeks ago. He is amazing - at 15 months he is climbing like a monkey! I love these SEI paisley and petals papers and embellishments.

Until tomorrow .....



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