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Give me a home among the gum trees..

Have been spending lots of time with my friend Chris. I have known Chris since year 8 in boarding school - wow, that's 25 years! We sure have accumulated some amazing memories in that time. Chris was also my chief bridesmaid. She is married to Darren who works away at a mining company, and they have two gorgeous girls Hannah who is 7 and Sharni who is nearly 5. Chris doesn't live far from here - last time we were over  they were just starting to build their dream home, so this time we got to see it finished. It's so beautiful - it sits on 5 acres looking out to some undulating hills and is so peaceful.

The girls are so gorgeous I couldn't resist taking photos. Pretty funny really me taking photos, but I did manage to get a few good ones. Not hard when you have such cute models.





Night lovelies,

Claire, Paul and the boys xxxx

Easter Fair

Happened to be in town again for the annual Rockingham Easter Fair - we went two years ago just before we left to go back to Melbourne. It's lots of fun with rides and show bags and money munching games to play. Maddie came along with us, which was very handy as she got to go on the rides with the kids (as well as some very hair raising rides herself!).

Samuel had his first show rides - the little carts on the Merry Go Round (with cousin Maddie) and the big Ferris Wheel with Mum. You could tell by the look on his face in the ferris wheel photo that he wasn't so sure about that one!



Josh had a ball - he is really enjoying spending time with Maddie and her friends that pop around and stay over. Maddie is so good with both of the boys - she loves looking after Samuel too (except when it's nappy change time). Josh got his first show bag yesterday - and was suitably impressed (the highlight being the woopee cushion).


xx for now.

Easter Bunnies been!

Happy Easter lovelies. Time for another catchup post.

The easter bunny has been busy over in Port Kennedy - we all have chocolate coming out our ears, but that's nothing compared to my niece Maddie who has the biggest hugest easter egg I have ever seen.


The boys were both spoiled - Samuel wasn't quite sure what this shiny thing with the bell was and he used his other bunny as a hammer and promptly smacked it to pieces. Josh had lost of fun discovering the trail of eggs that Kate had hidden around the house and in the front garden. The look on his face was proceless when he discovered them. Children get so excited by the simple things in life don't they, it's so grounding to have time to watch and enjoy their simple moments.



Now onto what we have been up to for the last few days. Think I will do a new post so I don't lose everything!


Could get used to this (again...)

Here we are at my sister Kates house just hanging out which is my fave thing to do. Kate has a nice big house and a pool (bit chilly even in Perth but) with eager nieces wanting to babysit, so what's a girl to do but scrap!

Then again Sam has a cold, so isn't feeding well, so I felt like I was up every hour to him last night (OK, maybe 2 or 3 times but it feels like it was every hour!!) - isn't it awful when your babies are not well.

OK - back to the scrapping. Excuse the obvious crookedness - I haven't been on the vino, instead I have had to revert to taking pics of my layouts cos I can't be stuffed mastering Kates scanner, LOL. Promise they are straight in real life. Did these layouts over the last day or so - Kate's daughter and my lovely niece Maddie (eleven), my nephew Dan (Dan Dan the surfer man we call him - Kates son who is 20 and lives in Dongara) and Roly, my brother who is a cool dude too.




Just a quiet day today - have made a major decision work and have some sorting out to do! More on that later. We'll be staying here at Kates until Josh's birthday (22nd) and then heading back to Mums for a night and then on our way again. Should be home by the end of April.

Happy easter lovelies. May you stay safe, happy and well, and may the choccies be yum.

Back to scrapping (woops -I meant work...)


Down South Again!

No I didn't go to Scrapbox again (tempting but!). Instead we headed off down through Dunsborough to the gorgeous Meelup beach where we had lunch and then a play on the beach. Then we drove on a bit further to Eagle Bay (think WA's Portsea) - this is so beautiful, one of the most magnificent beaches I have ever seen. I think it even rivals Whitehaven beach in the Whitsundays and Cable Beach (both of which I have been lucky enough to visit).


We headed back int Busselton and went straight into town to the jetty so the boys could have their daily play at the Yoganup adventure playground. I have taken Samuel down the slide (there's about 4 different ones!) on my lap, and now he's obsessed with the slides. Whenever he is put on the grass he pts his head down and crawls as fast as he can to the slides, then kicks and screams and cries when we pick him up again! Another thing he has discovered a love of is chasing the seagulls - he's much braver than Josh who wont get nearly as close to them (Samuel just crals on through laughing)


Mum came down about 5pm to meet us for Fish and Chips on the foreshore. Josh enjoyed hunting for shells with Gran.


One last thing I have to show you for today - we met a professional sandcastle builder - what a cool job! This guy spends usually lives in spain and builds these amazing sand sculptures for public donations (not a bad living, his hat was pretty full when we got there!) - There had been a picture in the local paper of him earlier this week with a big crocodile he had built. Yesterday he stared another new sculpture of a castle and Gulliver - he has finished the castle bit which is awesome and he is working on the Gulliver bit. So clever.


On that note, it's off to bed to prepare for another day of touristing! Hope you are well and happy too,

Claire and her 3 'boys' xxxx