Traditional 12x12 Stampin Up Layout using Urban Underground Designer Series Paper Pack
My Mum's Stampin' Up! Birthday Card.

Five Ways Stay at Home Mums can build their business skills and earn and income from a low outlay online home based business.


First, let me tell you my story ....

This is me, in 2006, with my two beautiful children.

They had both taken a while to conceive (the first over 3 years), which to me gave me a feeling of wanting to hold on tighter (although I now know every parent holds on that tight). Up until having children my employment had been a big part of my life. I had worked in state Health Departments in both practitioner and management positions in nutrition and health promotion, as well as in the Anti Cancer Council and Heart Foundation.  I loved those jobs, worked hard and had developed great skills in many areas. But then came children.

I am sure that every Mum (and probably many Dad's) have that feeling that nothing else matters once their children come along. That deep feeling of wanting to be there to help them grow and develop  and navigate their way in their early years before they start school. I just don't think I was prepared for the depth and strength of those feelings.

We don't all have the luxury of being able to manage on one income (my family certainly didn't), so it can be a real dilemma about what to do with work. I tried to go back to work part time. Work at that stage was my own private practice as a Dietitian. I could set my own hours as I owned the practice, but it also meant hiring more staff which meant more work behind the scenes. It also meant leaving the home, which meant juggling child-care (and a few arguments with my husband about who's work was more important when one of my children were unwell and couldn't go to childcare - I am sure many can relate).

In late 2006, my world came crashing down when my brother died suddenly. The grief exacerbated my working mum's exhaustion and I just wanted to hold on even closer to my children, having lost a family member who I adored and had grown up with. I needed a break from my practice, and decided to take one years leave to have some time at home with my children just enjoying them and life. Scrapbooking was a really important part of my relaxation and therapy at this time. I had started scrapbooking in 2002 when my first child was 6 months old. I loved it, but during the time after my brothers death it was even more important to me. I journaled about my children, my brother and how much I missed him and also about my life (so it was written down for my own children). This time was so healing for me.

It didn't take long for my entrepreneurial streak to raise it's head again though. I had enjoyed using stamps in my scrapbooking, and one day came across an advertisement for Stampin' Up! in Creating Keepsakes magazine. It had only been in Australia about 6 months and I loved the products, so bought the kit to save some money on some stamps. 

That was 10 years, 2 months and 3 days ago.

I didn't really intend for any of this to happen, but in that time I have built a thriving business entirely from home, which exceeds the income I was earning in healthcare. It's not the money though. It is HOW I have been able to do that which has been the greatest gift to my family. It just suited us so perfectly (no more child care arguments) and most of all. met my needs to have something for myself and to to be continually learning new things and building on my business and employment related skills. 

All for the price of my Stampin' Up! Starter kit (which at $329 back then was more expensive than it is now at just $169).

If you and your family are looking for a way to add a second income, DON'T dismiss direct sales, and Stampin' Up! You honestly can have this for your family if you are prepared to do the work around your children's needs. The cool thing is that it can also grow in size as your children become more independent.

Work from home for just $169 outlay

So here are my 5 ways Stay at Home Mums can build their business skills and income with a low outlay online business.


First you need to purchase our Starter Kit, which is just $169. That will give you products to play with, but also importantly you get Catalogues of our gorgeous coordinated quality stamps and papercraft supplies. People LOVE these products, I remember people telling me in the early stages of my business that these products sold themselves. They DO! This is all the very basics you need to get started. If you are building a business, I recommend you get your Starter Kit from a demonstrator who has done what you are wanting to, especially when it comes to building the business around a family. That's so important as there is no point trying to duplicate something that someone has done who doesn't have that need, or is working 7 days a week day and night. I can help you of course, and you can read all the reasons why HERE. Importantly you DON'T need to be an expert papercrafter! I had never made a card when I started, and it's more about having a can do attitude and being prepared to work that will make you successful.


Because you want to work from home (or maybe supplement another full time job) I strongly recommend our company maintained online store (yes company maintained!). You get your very own Online Stampin' Up! store (see mine HERE) where people can go to to place an order with you. When you first join, you get this free for 2 months. After that it's just $19.95 a month. That's basically the commission on one average order, so it easily pays for itself. You can be doing the school run, doing reading in class, shopping for groceries and your customers can still be placing orders in your online store.


You will develop great skills in Social Media. or build on ones you already have (hey - who doesn't already have Pinterest or Instagram browsing or chatting on Facebook skills?). What we do is so beautifully visual (and if you don't create your own projects to start with, the company gives you LOTS of fabulous images you can use in social media through their great Demonstrator website). People are really int DIY these days and want to see beautifully visual creations. So while the children are having a nap, or the kids are at school, you can be sharing images of our beautiful products and creations on Social Media, and answering questions or chatting to customers. We provide training in setting up your pages, and my team even has a dedicated Blog and Social Media help forum, as well as ongoing training and social media tips. I had no skills in social media before I started. Now I have a Facebook Business Page, Pinterest and Instagram. You don't have to worry about any of that spammy stuff - I mentor my team members to act respectfully on social media.


You will develop great skills in online selling and the internet sales cycle. Internet selling is my thing (I am one of the biggest Australian online sellers with Stampin' Up! and was blogging even before I started with the company). I do team training on blogging and selling online, and we also have a dedicated Blog and Social Media support blog. So on the days you aren't working on social media, you might find yourself writing a blog post and tweaking it with some tips I give you. I have been known to write blog posts and social media posts in the car waiting for school pick up. Our mobile devices make running an online business so easy.


You will also develop great skills in business management and planning for success. I've learned a lot about direct sales in the 10 years I have been with this company and my biggest goal in my business is to pass that onto my team members so you can duplicate that success. That is what direct sales is all about, helping people to do what you do with selling quality products. You can practice goal setting and planning and tracking your success - all valuable skills to develop. You can choose how little or how much training and practice you want in this area. I offer weekly newsletters, 2-3 training events a month and 1 on 1 coaching calls, so you choose a little or a lot!


Honestly, that's all you need to get started on your journey with me - $169. There is so much I haven't even touched on in terms of the skills you can use and develop, and the ways that you and your family will benefit. I just wanted to touch on the basics here though, so you can take on more as your business grows and or your children become more independent.

Want extra value? There is up to $179 extra value in the starter kit for MARCH ONLY. You could end up with up to $414 worth of product in your Starter Kit, and I can help you choose. You need to sign on by March 31st for that deal though.

As my experience has shown, this isn't just something fun to do for a while. This can be something GREAT for your family. Extra income, a bit of pocket money for a retiree, a family holiday. Imagine the possibilities.

Ready to have an obligation free chat? I promise I won't share your details with anyone else.

Just submit this form with your details and I'll give you a call. You can also email ( or text me (041 212 0498).


Don't need a chat and ready to just jump in? It's quick and easy to join online!  

Here are the steps:

  1. go to my online join up page (CLICK HERE)
  2. read through the demonstrator and online agreement and check the box to acknowledge
  3. choose your starter kit and then choose products up to the value of your kit which is $235  (you cant go over, it has to be up to so it's a good idea to make some notes of what you want first and work out the totals. I'm happy to help with ideas.). 
  4. During Saleabration (4th Jan to 31st March you also get to add 2 FREE stamp sets of your choice which adds up to $179 value to your kit!)
  5. fill in your personal details and pay the $169 for your starter kit by credit card.

You will then get your demonstrator number and invitation to join Stamping Connections, the online demonstrator community. I'll personally send you the details about how to get onto our team groups.



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Mary Kelly

Thanks for a great insight into becoming a SU demonstrator. As a hobby demo now for many years, the other thing I love about SU is that there is no pressure at all to "do more" or "to recruit others" . Not once has anyone ever suggested that I should step up my involvement. There is always so much incentive there for those who want to achieve.

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